Ultimate Desire

This female-friendly erotic game gives your relationship a new impulse! Ultimate Desire offers answers to all your stimulating questions

"Tell your partner an exciting erotic fantasy, do you get excited about exciting words during sex? How do you use Ben Wah balls?" The new game Ultimate desire offers answers to these and many other intimate questions. By means of sensual assignments and questions, partners discover what they really like. Playfully they break through barriers and come closer together. Ultimate desire was developed in collaboration with sexologists. It is characterized by a woman-friendly, respectful and exciting character, which clearly reflects the different needs of men and women.

Breaking barriers
"From my own experience, I know that most people do not talk so easily about their own sex lives," says Richard Haex, creator of the game. "In fact, sex is often a very sensitive subject, even if it is only with the partner's own." The sex life of couples does not always go wild, talking about sexual desires, fantasies and boundaries turns out to be difficult, if not impossible. 5,500 respondents value their sex life with a six, which affects all kinds of issues: children, career, fatigue, illness, transition, but also lack of fantasy, shyness or different fantasy worlds. ensures that partners discuss their sexual desires, desires and fantasies in a playful and unforced way and actually try them out.

The three sensual levels of Ultimate Desire
Ultimate desire is aimed at partners who have known each other for some time. The game takes them on a journey of discovery, where enjoyment is central. This happens at three game levels. The assignments vary from tender (foreplay, romance) to intimate (more daring, more violent) and fiery (performing sexual assignments). This structure appears to have a very exciting effect on both male and female players. Richard Haex: "According to participants it is disarming, direct and daring, sometimes hilarious, but never without respect, attention to each other and deepening of the relationship are the result."

Test panels
A broad target group, consisting of 25 couples, extensively tested Ultimate desire. This shows that the game meets a great need. The judgment was also very positive about the content. The most important conclusions: the partners enjoyed it a lot; all sorts of new ideas and initiatives got going; eroticism became better negotiable. Biggest compliment, however, was that many couples did not play the game; they were too excited for this ... "This game really has the potential to playfully enrich your sexual relationship, where nothing is allowed and everything is allowed," according to sexologist Henriëtte Schoones.

Dim the lights, light a few candles and prepare for a few delicious, fiery nights with the game Ultimate Desire!

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Ultimate Desire

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